June 2, 2008

And we thought that the holidays were actually GOOD. But thanks to the wonders of upper secondary, we have a lot of work, and a lot of unnecessary things to attend.

On Saturday I attended a briefing (a briefing, mind you!), and it was supposed to be 2.5 hours. And it was a good estimate, which consisted of: 55 minutes of waiting, 3 minutes of a birthday celebration (for whom, I don’t know), a briefing which gave us details which contradicted the handbook, and a closing speech.

Ah yes, quotable quotes. “ARE YOU HYPE UP?” said someone random. “We officially welcome you!”, said during the closing speech. “May you sail through the perfect storm!”, closing line of the closing speech. No I’m not mocking anyone, just stating it categorically. And in the handbook they said that the (TWENTY-FIVE) (Envir)Olympic spirit(s) is/are epitomized by “pervasive proliferation of population participation”, “peace and harmony interaction” and a “common unity”. /categorical statement.

And then I had wonderful RIGE practice, which was a disaster, like most RIGE practices, with or without our conductor Mr. Gaspar. It was amazing! We start late, and no one comes anyway, then the exco leaves to do their own nonsense so we essentially do nothing for X minutes. Then they come back for the last 30-60 minutes of practice and starts practicing, and realize that there is no time to do so and then we get lectured on how not to waste time and all that. So RIGE practice is more or less useless, because everyone goes there to get attendance. As a member of The Dreaded Third Row attendance doesn’t matter because you’re ostracized by the RIGE community anyway. Unless, of course, your name is Wei Xuan, but that doesn’t matter, because you’re not Wei Xuan and you’re in The Dreaded Third Row, where nothing matters because you’re not in RIGE! Blunderful!

Meanwhile, my spies have noted that X person has spread evil evil things about me, so broth-making of non-conformists is in order. Socialism isn’t always bad, you know.

And my RAge project group isn’t going to do a project tomorrow, as I only found out today, so that means a free day to slack and refuse to do all my work because – who cares when you have so much work already. Maybe I should try to read the incomprehensible (HIGHER, says Ben) Chinese book. It’s a pity I don’t know how to read the title, because I don’t take Chinese Literature for a reason!

Blaspheming ninnies! (Oh yes, I have FAKE Geotrail on Wednesday, and I’m looking forward to it (: )



May 30, 2008

jeson: tu es un munchkin avec martina! munchkin est bon, vraiment (: aide-moi faire ce blog très animé

Altocumulus Clouds(what on earth am i talking about)

sam: no mortal, this just means that i’m not sec 4! ^^

daron: blogger is bad, NOW MOVE IT! see what wordpress can do for you! cool screwed up formatting! :O

kll: it is apparent that it is so!

Les nuages autocumulus sont très très beaux, non?

This is why wordpress is greater than blogger! You can put cool pictures on the side which look so screwed up and squished.

Right, I realize that my cousins can find this blog thanks to my personal message. Blasphemy! Never mind I can lock posts.

I went to school just to hand in work today. And I’m back to maple which means I should abandon this for The Greater Good.

I’ve completed 2/18 tasks for the holidays, which means I’ll be fine.

And thanks to Jeson I’m watching Pokemon movies.

And I have to finish English blog commentary today (curses).

And I have no fun anecdotes to share. So byebye! (Of course I could share with ya’ll the formation of altocumulus clouds…but that wouldn’t be fun for you)

byee blogger.

May 28, 2008

Well I got here (in the end). Munchkins were invading my tagboard so it seemed imperative to come here, mm! Nah, blogger is just boring to look at. When you can look at a white screen! Who needs a tagboard anyway! [ will still be alive with english blog posts! Hurray!]

While I try to spruce my blog up to a more respectable state, here’s something to mull over.

World War II - An Essay

(Sorry to those dears on my blog who’ve been so faithfully tagging – Darren barely has time to blog, because he gets bored when he looks at blogger’s interface, and its LOUSY picture uploading thing.) (: